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Run 100 marathons in 1 year

This is a website for people who have run 100 marathons and ultras or more in a year.

If you run 100 marathons in one year you too can come on the list.

People who has run 100 marathons in 1 year

Name Country Max number in 1 year Year
Ole Toft Denmark 125 2017
Tony Gren Sweden 122 (2014) 2014, 2017
Susanne Gren Sweden 101 (2014) 2014

Rules for counting marathons

When you have started a race planed for 42,195 km (26.2 miles) or more - you have run a marathon and can count it.

If the run is the last part of a triathlon you may also count it.

The marathons must be run in any 365 days span.

If a marathon count for Marathon Maniacs - it counts here in Run 100 marathons in 1 year.

Run can run 100 marathons in 1 year

Everybody knows several people who has run a maraton or 10 in their life - and for many people to run a marathon are on the bucketlist.Good for them.

But how many have run 100 marathons?.... in just 365 days? It may seem like a big achievement but with didication you can do it.

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